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Whats Alkaline?

What is Alkaline Water ?

  How often should I check my pH?  
How long does it take to change my Body pH to alkaline?

 How can I check my body for an AlkalinepH?

 Does Alkaline pH kill cancer?  
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Why is Alkaline Body pH Important?
The Body's ideal pH is within a very small Alkaline range. When the body becomes acidic, body pH lowers and the immune system becomes less and less effective. Disease is soon to follow. Cancer or Diabetes cannot develop in an alkaline enviornment. Although Alkaline pH is a direct measurement of  Hydrogen levels, in the presence of hydrogen is ozygen. It's the oxygen level of pH 7 and greater that has a killing impact on disease,Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.

Which "environment",  what?  Yes, cancer can't live in an alkaline environment, 8.4 or higher! Normal body pH is 7.4-7.8 and even at that pH, Cancer cells become dormant. Saying No to Cancer details how to kill cancer with 8.4 +pH levels within a few days.)
What's Alkaline?
An aspect of Alkaline is measure of oxygen content. Healthy body Saliva pH is 7.4-7.8 and healthy Alkaline Water is 7.4-7.8 . What's that?  Oxygen Level!

Does Alkaline pH  kill Cancer?  
Today it's commen knowledge the human cell thrives in an Alkaline pH level and becomes abnormal in Acidc pH levels. A cancer cell dies at 7.5 pH level and higher.  Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg demonstrated that normal cells would become irreversibly cancerous if the environment they rested in had their oxygen levels lowered by 35% for 48 hours. 

Balanced pH

How can I check my body for an Alkaline  pH?  
Ph papers are designed to test saliva. They are not expensive or difficult to use. Saliva pH should be tested a couple hours before or after brushing teeth or eating. One places a drop or two of saliva on the paper without drenching it. Then checks the color against the provided color chart. pH Papers have a long shelf life and should be in everyone's home next to soap and tooth paste.

How often should I check my pH?
pH when checked monthly can be helpful in disease prevention. An acidic pH is one of the first indicators the body is out of balance and disease follows. Checking bi-monthly is often enough to quickly bring the body back to an Alkaline pH within a few days.
How long does it take to change my Body pH to alkaline?
An acidic body pH is adjusted quickly to an alkaline body pH by adjusting nutrition and hydration properly. This can happen within a few days and needs to be maintained weeks to remedy illness previous in the body . Saying No to Cancer is a booklet which details how to raise body pH to healthy alkaline ph including other aspects which the author used when  killing her cancer. More specifically, abstaining from sugar, caffeine and defined foods, while consuming natural foods, greens, fruit, grains seeds and nuts adjusts the body to an alkaline pH rapidly. If liquid is restricted to drinking natural water, alkaline water,  ( AlkalineWaterBeads and ph testers are included with the booklet), the results are faster although other supplements are needed also to restore depleted vitamins and minerals. In short one abstains from "wrong" food and drinks, while consuming the "right" foods and alkaline water plus supplements like , Vitamin B's and concentrated "Greens".
What is Alkaline Water?
Healthy Alkaline drinking water has a pH in the 7-8's and is consumed as high as 8.4 for rapidly raising body pH levels. H20 is alkaline water, as well as spring or well water. Tap water is often acidic which is caused by chlorine and fluoride added in the purification process. Alkaline water is de-clustered and appears in lovely snowflake formations under a microscope. Alkaline Water Beads   removes chlorine and fluoride from tap water quickly and easily at cost of less than $30. per year