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Healthy Alkaline drinking water has a pH in the 7-8's and is consumed as high as 8.4  to rapidly raise body pH levels to the alkaline range. H20 is alkaline water, or better known as  spring or well water.

Tap water is often acidic which is caused by chlorine and fluoride added in the purification process. Alkaline water is de-clustered and appears in lovely snowflake formations under a microscope.

Alkaline Water

 Alkaline Water Beads
   removes chlorine and fluoride from tap water quickly and easily at cost of less than $30. per year. It de-clusters water to it's lovely geometric state.

Tap water or acidic water, is clustered water, which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen molecules clumped together.  Their size is larger than H2O and as a result do not hydrate the body as effectively as natural alkaline water.

Alkaline water was natures solution for healthy adults and children . When a body consumes liquid in acidic or unhealthy high alkaline range it can be deadly. The healthy liquid  pH range  mid 7's to mid 8's,  provides optimized oxygen level for the bodies health.

The oxygen in water is as vital to our health as the oxygen level in air and  living foods, fruits and vegetables.   Pollution has changed air oxygen levels in many cities to 25%. Fluoride and chlorine can render water's oxygen levels to acidic. Processed  foods provide no oxygenated nutrients at all. The human body is dependent on air,water and nuutrition for its oxygen levels.