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This has been a labor of love.  In 2007 it was shocking to learn I was terminally ill with Stage 4 melanoma.  It was equally shocking to quickly discover a cure for cancer which I applied successfully and recovered soon after. Many family members and friends had already died of cancer, I hadn't expected to survive so easily. Alkaline body ph plays an essentual role in killing cancer. This knowedge is extremely undertrated and misrepresented.

What's also shocking, about understanding cancer,  and how to get rid of it, quickly, is that it isn't, in the publics awareness.  Now semi retired  at 64, I'm devoting time and resources toward ending cancer within my lifetime.  Many others  are doing so also, so I'm not alone. The cure for cancers has been hidden in plain site. 

The cure I discovered and used ,  has been here since 1947. (There are many other successful  methods, I have no direct experience with. So I refer primarily to the understanding, I gained and the specific protocol I used. )   When I learned about what was discovered pre 1950's, it was prior to, air and water polution, packaged foods and the fast food industry.  I tweeked what I learned accounting for factors in the enviornment today that neded compensating for.  So the cure I used also deals with those issues.

  The cure for cancer  isnt  difficult or compicated .  My favorite analogy is to owning a car. No one would think ot putting the wrong liquid, oil or gasoline in the engine of your car.  It happened once to me. I accidently put the wrong gas in a deisel.  It died in traffic, and had to be towed home. Fortunately the third  mecanic who came to look at it, didnt think it needed a new engine, ( as the two previous mechanics notified me.)  He  drained the gas tank and filled it with diesel.

 Whats occurred, preventing public knowledge of  cancr cures, is a product of out culture. Were  a society, motivated by hard work and financial gain. Many came forward atempting to bring public interest to the cure for cancer at the time  in th late 1940's and 1950's. One early author was awarded a pulitzer prize. Another of it's authors was nominated  6 times for pulitzer prizes. 

The public at large had their attention elcewhere and lifes demands  directs many to  promoting personal interests.  This isn't a crime. Prior to the internet, prior to the fast food industry, thousands of terminally ill cancer patients were treated successfully, who recovered from Stage 4 cancer. I go into further detail in my booklet SayingNotoCancer.
When sitting with my Oncologist I asked him why doctors, Oncologists don't emphasize the natural ways of avoiding cancer. He commented generally speaking, that doctors are trained in administering pharmaceuticals and or
surgery.  When we go to a doctor were "accepting ", those methods.
A doctor assumes we already know how to eat and hydrate properly. People who don't are recommended to visit a nutritionist.  But once cancer is diagnosed, immediate action needs to be taken because cancer can progress rapidly with deadly consequences.  

When I met with the Oncologist , I learned my cancer was too far along to benifit from Chemo and Rediation,  it would only improve life expectancy by 10%.  So I was fortunate, having to look elcewhere for help.  Like most people I expected the traditional medical solutions to be my best hope for dealing with cancer.  it was shocking to learn, I would discover far better solutions to what the medical alternatives are.  It was astounding how quickly I recovered,   within weeks.

Should my efforts, to educate the public, concerning cancer, become successful, I'll increase  funding, for promoting  public awareness, of the  benifts and or detriments of eating and drinking appropriately . As a result ending cancer, diabetes and heart diseases which all have eating , imbalance in their history.

Sincere Regard,

Author   Gail Christian  2017